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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Time

So it has been quite a while since we last wrote. We are currently waiting on medical schools. I was not accepted to the majority and are just waiting for the one school that I interviewed at to respond. I am on the wait list and so just have to.... wait. Life is going well though. We are excited about going on a cruise! We bought tickets and will be going the last week of April. It is right after my graduation so we figured we hadn't been on a holiday in a while so we will go. We are going to leave from San Diego and go to Ensenada. It will be a 4 day cruise and should be a lot of fun!
Since winter is here there is a lot of snow and we figured this might be out last winter here in Utah. I decided to take advantage of it and so have been getting a fair amount of snowboarding in. I am taking a class that meets every Tuesday afternoon and we go up to Sundance. It is a lot of fun. That's all for us right now but more to come!

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