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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Camilla Lucille - Our Bundle of Joy

Yes, it's true - I am FINALLY posting pictures and stories of our sweet baby girl.

Camilla Lucille Johnson

Born: 3/16/2010 (that's right - 2 days before my 28th birthday) @ 5:10pm
Weight: 7 pounds 4.2 ounces
Height: 19.5 inches
Hair: Dark and LOTS of it
Eyes: Still working on determining the color!

She is perfect - and I am not just saying that. She really is. ;-)

Things I love about her:

Her stretches when she is trying to wake up
Her grunting
Her cry that sounds like a donkey
The fact that she actually says "wah" when she cries
The fact that she hardly ever cries
Her smile
Her attempts at laughing (she has just started that in the last week or so)
Her beautiful, beautiful eyes
Her button nose
How she now clings onto my shirt collar when she is lying on my shoulder
When she sleeps on my chest
Her pouty lips
Her sad cry when she is having a little nightmare or sad dream
How she sleeps with her right (balled up in a fist) up next to her cheek
That she smiled at me when I was singing "A Whole New World" to her to calm her while dad warmed up her bottle, and then frowned at him when he popped up behind me to see her smiling (I think it is because she knew he was getting food and then he showed up without it!)
Holding her and watching her sleep
Stroking her soft hair
How she looks like a baby duck after a bath because her hair is so light and fluffy
Sucking and kissing on her big cheeks
Her double chin
The dimple in her chin
How she falls asleep with her hands in "frightened" poses
That she is such a great traveler (we went to NYC for the day and she was amazing - no crying at all)
Her soft skin
Watching her play with Grandma & Grandpa
Her tiny shoulders
Her round belly
When her eyes go cross-eyed
Her little tiny fingers
How she purses her lips and spits bubbles when she has had enough food
That she needs me

Honestly I could just go on naming things I just love about her. I can't believe how much I LOVE being a mom. I am so grateful to my husband for supporting us so I don't need to go back to work. How lucky and blessed we are. How lucky and blessed am I to have him as a husband and Camilla as a daughter and how lucky Camilla is to have Kody as her father. He loves her so much and just LOVES to hold her and show her off. She definitely had him wrapped right around her little finger (actually all her fingers and probably her toes too!) from the day she was born!

Of course - when you see her, how couldn't you be?

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Bradyn and Nikki said...

You forgot to mention how much you love being up at night with her! ;)Love you all!!!!