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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Time...

So, we had 2 sets of visitors that came and went but went unnoticed on our blog...not that this is surprising or anything, a lot of things go unnoticed on our blog. ;-) But...we are now making up for it.

April 9 - April 18

Grandma & Grandpa Boyer came for their first visit with Camilla (and us too I guess) and of course they loved her. They were obsessed with holding her and I can't blame them. One time, I said, "Ok whoever finishes eating first gets to hold the baby!" It was said slightly sarcastically because I needed someone to hold her so I could do the dishes or something. All of a sudden,
Grandma shoves all of her food in her mouth at once, holds out her arms & says, "I win. Give me my prize." I was laughing so hard. ;-) I was so glad to have them here to visit and just watch them love her and her love them. We were able to go to NYC and see Rob
(my brother) which was a lot of fun. We went to China Town and every waiter and waitress in the restaurant stopped working and came over to see her. All at once. It was a little weird but flattering. She traveled so well - she slept through all of NYC and slept through our whole trip to RI as well (just a day trip). We are so blessed to have her!

My favorite part of the NYC trip was walking through central park - there were some really pretty trees there! It almost felt like we were in nature! ;-)

May 28 - June 6

This was definitely adventurous for us! Grandma & Grandpa Johnson flew into Toronto, ON, Canada for business so we drove up there to meet them. We were a bit nervous driving all that
way with Camilla and hoped it would turn out ok. She is AMAZING!!! She slept the ENTIRE way and only woke up once for food. Unbelievable. It was really fun because Camilla had to get a passport to go so we asked the border agent if we could get a stamp in her passport - her very first one! Too bad she was sleeping through it!

We spent a few days up in Toronto and then drove down to a timeshare at a lake in PA. On our way down we took a quick stop at Niagara Falls - which were beautiful, as always. On Wednesday, Kody drove back with his mom (Camilla was sick, so we stayed in MA - her first little cold - it was just terrible listening to her not able to breathe clearly, but again, she was amazing and hardly fussed at all) to Toronto to pick his dad up from his conference. On the way back, they stopped in Palmyra, NY and enjoyed the sites there. There we spent the rest of the week and then Friday we headed back to New Haven for the weekend.

Thank you for coming Grandparents - we LOVED having you here...and we can't wait to see you again in just a couple weeks!

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