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Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I am grateful for eternal families. A dear friend of ours recently lost their beautiful baby girl and their testimony of eternal families has resonated in my head every day since. My sweet Camilla is so tender and caring. She has taken up stroking our faces with the back of her hands when we are doing the bedtime routine. I seriously almost cry every time. In fact, just now I was looking at pictures on the camera and she saw a picture of him on the screen so she said, "Oh, Ume (Liam)" and then she kissed and hugged the screen. It was so darling. :-) I love Liam's sweet smile and loving eyes. What great kids I have - we are so blessed here in our home. As crazy as life gets - it's always good to remember how blessed our little family is (especially the parents of this family).

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